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My friend Jane wrote in my sophomore year book " 7 years from now I'll be reading the newspaper with the headline 'Jennifer Kerr: obsessively stalked singer Mike Herrera' and in the back of my mind, I will laugh and say 'You rock Jenn. Try to get his boxer size.'" Part of what Jane said is true, because when I find something worth my attention, I grab hold of it, and I want to be a part of it. While I might not be out finding out Mike Herrera's boxer size, I try to see them at every show near me. MxPx came into my life about 3 years ago after my sister met Tom Percival, who is now my brother in law. I was 15 and he was 22, and he was the coolest guy I knew. He had smooth shoes (creepers to be exact) and cool tattoos (even a pxpx tattoo on his left shoulder), and he bought me my first MxPx CD, the Everpassing Moment. It usually takes me a while to get into the music of a band, but from the first time I heard "My Life Story," MxPx was the band for me. I've felt the agony of not having a car, and having to ride the bus all 4 years of high school, and MxPx made the journey much more tolerable, and the music of MxPx has inspired me in many aspects of my life. For one, to take up my own passion of art as a career, and to live my life beyond the boundaries other people set for me. Their music has touched my heart more than any other band, and while I hold fascinations with many subjects outside of music, none are so strong as my love for MxPx. It's like the song says MxPx makes me, me, I tend to stress out a lot about school, or getting a job, or what I want to do for a career, and I can become really depressed, if I start freaking out I can put in an MxPx CD and it will make me feel better. It's only normal for people who don’t know what MxPx is to ask me because I have a HUGE MxPx wardrobe, in these cases I always want to have a CD single, or something for them to listen to, and of course I explain to them why I love MxPx so much. I’m always talking my head off about MxPx to anybody who will listen, because they are such an inspiration to me, and I want to share them with everyone. There is an MxPx song for every occasion, I can be happy, or sad, in love, or just angry at the world, and somehow MxPx knows how I feel. I've had difficulties with friendships, and felt like I've been totally forsaken and don't know what I should do, and MxPx has gotten me out of tough situations. And where would the good times be without MxPx to make them better? Responsibility and Chick Magnet were 2 of the last songs played at my sister's wedding to Tom, and everywhere I turn it seems MxPx is there to greet me. Another large musical influence I've found is The Clash, I'm almost as addicted to the music of The Clash as I am to MxPx, and I have good old Tom Wisniewski to thank because I was inspired to listen to them after hearing him cover "Should I Stay or Should I Go" at a show, and it is now probably my favorite part of seeing MxPx live. MxPx enriches my life in so many ways which is really the reason why I obsess over them so much; they've become friends to me, It's always such an awesome experience to be able to see them after a show and shake their hands, and being able to know that they know who I am. In addition, I've made friends not only online, but ones that I can hang out with and go see movies, or go to see MxPx with all because of our shared love of MxPx. As you can see, all my high school friends have been affected by my love for MxPx and to them, I help embody how great MxPx is. I love MxPx most of all because their music brings calm to the insanity in my life.