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Spreading the word of MxPx is something I take pride in, if I go to a show I always try to get pictures, and then I show them off to my friends, people at school, my family and anybody else who will look at them. I also try to invite somebody new to each of the shows I go to, whether it is a friend, or one of my sisters, that way they will spread MxPx to people they know as well. Even if people haven't listened to MxPx, they've at least been made aware of them from coming in contact with me, infact I visited my Aunt and Uncle and 2 cousins in Seattle and introduced them to MxPx, a few months later I saw that MxPx was playing at the EMP I e-mailed my cousin and they all went to the show. Its very rare when i'm not wearing something MxPx. I've often been greeted at stores, or at the dentist, or wherever with "So you like MxPx huh?" and I'm happy to say that I do and let those people know what MxPx is up to. I try to get kids to join the fan club too, and I'm never too shy to walk up to someone I see wearing MxPx and ask if or why they haven't joined the fan club yet and explain to them the experiences I’ve had that have made my time in it worth while. Infact, I was chosen to give a testimonial about the fan club, which can be seen at I take it as my responsibility to go see MxPx wherever they play and support them for all the work they do and in 3 years I've seen them play 9 times. A big way that I help spread my MxPx love is on my website. I post all the pictures I take at shows on it, as well as show cases my MxPx art (in addition to my art gallery on which features non-MxPx art). Though the MxPx street team has never officially sent me any packages, I do my own street team work such as passing out stickers at school and informing people about concerts, and releases. I'm always interested in meeting new people who join the fan club, and I talk to most of the fan clubbers outside of the message boards. I've helped plan fan get-togethers at shows, and gone to MxPx shows with friends I've met through MxPx.

I'm always updating my MxPx page with stuff

In photo class this year I did a double exposure project with an MxPx theme (I made a poster board too but I think I threw it away)

I carved a PxPx pumpkin this Halloween, and I carved 3 MxPx pumpkins last halloween (one of them turned out really bad so I didn't take a picture of it)

I'm always working on new MxPx art

I always try to get pictures of MxPx at shows, even if it means hiding my camera in my bra, and even then i've been caught with a camera.

I showed my love for MxPx on the cement in my backyard

I learned how to play bass and know how to play a bunch of MxPx songs and decorated my bass accordingly.