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“I love Lacey Grey. It brings back such found memories of the parrot that my son gave me many years ago. If you every need a home for her please call me. When you come back will you bring her again?” -Sara, 81

“Miss Paula, I’ve been a pre-school teacher for over 25 years and I am very impressed with your talents. The kids love you and your animals. They were enthralled with you. Holding the attention of so many children and adults
shows off your special talent and love for your animals. Thank you for coming to my grandson party.” - Marie

”Dear Miss Paula,
Thank you for bringing the animals to my school for my birthday. The kids liked seeing them very much. I liked Clarence the snake the best. Timmy liked Rosie the tarantula the best. My teacher had fun.“
-Your friend Jayden, 2nd grade McGaugh School